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Project Description
WLWBackup is a backup utility for Windows Live Writer. This includes blog settings, posts and plugins.

Final Release
This program is no longer in beta and the final release can be found at: Version 3.0 Final

How To
Backing Up

If you have any queries or problems, please leave any feedback or questions in the Discussions section, and for bugs found, please raise them as Work Items in the Issue Tracker section. If you raise any bugs, please include your log file, which can be found by going to the About part of the program and clicking on "Show logfile."

If you like this program and wish to be one of the contributers, please feel free to make a make a donation.

  • The only requirements are that you must have .NET 3.5 SP1 installed.
  • This has been developed purely on x64 systems (Vista and Win7), so I know that x64 is ok, as should x86 as it's still just a 32bit program.
  • If you're running Vista or Win7, to run the program you will require elevated permissions. Unfortunately, this is only required for restoring a backup, but I have yet to find a good way of only asking for elevated permissions when restoring, so for now, you have to run as Administrator for all purposes.
  • If you have any other previous versions of my utility installed, you will need to uninstall that first before installing the new one.

Other Notes
  • I have as best I can made it backward compatible with the previous version. So any backups made with the old one should still be able to be restored using the new program.
  • Unfortunately I have had to remove all the command line parameter options that existed in the previous version, which does mean this can no long be a scheduled task. I will look into changing this back so that it can be, but for now, this functionality has been removed.
  • When restoring, please make sure Writer is closed, especially if you're restoring plugins.

Main Window
About Window

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